Another great post, much appreciated. Key point in the last section: not to be afraid of this kind of thinking when you're an adult, or more specifically, not to be afraid of how you're perceived for asking what could seem like a stupid question/taking what might be seen as the wrong route, etc. It often makes people judgmental and uncomfortable, but who cares? Figure out how to enjoy that discomfort and you're golden.

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https://80000hours.org/podcast/episodes/brian-christian-algorithms-to-live-by/ Not an easy listen.

'Secretary Problem' & 'optimal stopping' are the ideas in the article you forgot re marriage.

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Would it not be more proper to say, "Don't be contriarious"? Or am I mistaken, and it is more grammatically correct to use, "Don't be contrarian"? I mean no offense, I am simply curious.

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